Winging It! - White bird release and display
Please note:
  • I release only well-trained and healthy officially banded homing pigeons
  • Appropriate attire will be worn for your occasion
  • Your deposit will be returned if a release is canceled due to an act of God
  • Birds will not be released at night, indoors, or during inclement weather (strong winds, heavy rain, snow/hail)
  • Birds must be released at a time and range from which they may safely return home that day
  • For the health of the birds, if (on the scheduled day) the release is 30 minutes later than initially scheduled, deposit is forfeit and I take the birds home for their own safety.

1 or 2 bird release $125
3-6 birds:  $175
 7-11 birds: $250          12-15 birds: $300
Display cage with doves $50